Welcome to Harapan Komuniti!

Harapan Komuniti (Hope Community) has been restoring hope to the community and inspiring people to excellence by giving relief to tsunami and flood victims, lending support to single mothers, running shelter homes, making learning resources accessible through reading centres, doing preventive HIV & AIDS work and empowering PLHIV since December 2004.

Help Wanted

Retirees, home-makers, tertiary students to tutor poor students from Standard 3 to Form 5 in all subjects.

I.T. / Art Lessons
I.T. and Art teachers to conduct short courses.

Students on Vacation
Go from Kampung to Kampung to do HIV survey and conduct awareness workshop for youths for between 5-7 days. Training will be provided.

Anyone who is above 18 years old, healthy, strong and willing to do anything.

If you are interested, please write to: info@harapankomuniti.org


"If you want to succeed, just do your best and God will do the rest"

--Tahfiz bin Munir Ahmad

Tahfiz obtained straight A's in the 2008 UPSR Examination despite the fact that his father has been in and out of hospital the past few years for dialysis treatment, with his mother having to take care of the father and four young children.  We will miss having him with us as he has gone on to a boarding school outside of Selangor but he will come back to the reading room on Saturdays whenever he is in town, as Inspirasi is like a big family to him. We wish him well and know that he'll do his best to inspire others to excellence.

Read here for Tahfiz's personal note of thanks to all who have played a part in helping him succeed in his studies, whether through your donation or volunteering to help the children here with their studies and giving them moral support.

Testimonies from students at the reading centres